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Residents of large cities, where there are a lot of cars and few parking spaces, increasingly prefer hatchback cars. These cars are compact due to a special type of body: the trunk is connected to the passenger compartment and is closed by a separate door. Therefore, in “CarRentals” to rent a car with a hatchback body is also not a problem. For this, the driver must be over 23 years old, have a driving experience of 2 years and a minimum package of documents.

Hatchback benefits

A car with this type of bodywork is often chosen as the first, so it is worth taking this car for rent in Rivne for a test drive to feel all the pros and cons in practice. For their miniature and neat appearance, these women were fond of the fair sex, but these are not all its advantages:

  • The hatchback is very maneuverable due to its small dimensions, it is convenient to move around in saturated traffic and park on it.
  • Convenient to carry bulk cargo. Despite the small size, you can put a lot of luggage in the car – for this it is enough to fold the rear seats.

Who can rent a car in Rivne with a hatchback?

A compact and maneuverable car will be convenient for a beginner: moderate dimensions will make it easy to rebuild in city traffic and easily park anywhere. For this purpose, our company “CarRentals” provides for the rental of a volkswagen hatchback car – it is a stylish car with an automatic transmission and a powerful 1.8-liter engine. It is perfect for daily driving around the city and beyond.