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Car rental in Rivne and other cities of Ukraine is rapidly gaining popularity. Depending on the purpose of use, you may need different cars from budget to premium, from a sedan to an SUV. Now you no longer need to have a whole fleet of vehicles – just select the rental car you need. In our company CarRentals you will definitely find what you need!

You need a crossover rental if:

  • You are planning a long trip with your family or friends;
  • You need to move on roads with different surfaces (asphalt, paving stones, country roads);
  • You have a lot of luggage with you;
  • You need to meet guests with luggage at the airport or train station;
  • It is necessary to impress business partners;
  • Need a car for an important event.

A crossover is a cross-country vehicle, it embodies all the best qualities of a hatchback, SUV and minivan. Most often, this is an all-wheel drive car with high ground clearance, a roomy trunk and a passenger compartment equipped with the latest technologies. On terrain, it is almost not inferior to an SUV, but, at the same time, it is the same as a passenger car in terms of efficiency.

Crossover rental is one of the most popular services of our CarRentals company, because these cars, along with high traffic, are distinguished by their presentable appearance, average overall size and the most comfortable technical equipment.

If you have not yet decided on a rental car, a crossover is the best option. Car rental in Rivne, we will deliver to your desired address.