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Renting a car is a relatively new service in Ukraine, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Most often, tourists rent a car when they arrive at their destination by train or plane. The service is also popular among businessmen who need several cars at the same time. But the global practice of car rental, in particular European, has more than one decade: hundreds of thousands of people each use this service.

The history of car rental and the first car rental

The United States is considered the birthplace of a car rental — it was there that an entrepreneurial businessman named Joe Sanders first leased his Ford Model-T in 1916. They say that his first client was late for a date, and Joe saved the situation.
Ukrainian car rental is now actively developing and offers a wide range of services for its customers: hourly and daily rentals, cars for several weeks or months and one of the new “car sharing” services is per-minute rental.

Car rental in Rivne

Our company CarRentals offers car rental on attractive and favorable terms. We took into account the many years of experience of world-renowned rental companies, adapted it to our customers and provide top-level services. Many people still believe that car rental is an expensive whim, but in the modern world without a car it is very difficult and each of us can have a situation when a vehicle is urgently needed.

Car rental in Rivne is necessary for you if:

  • You have a business meeting planned;
  • You need to meet guests at the station or at the airport;
  • You travel and do not want to depend on public transport;
  • You need a car for an important event (wedding, birthday, discharge from the hospital);
  • You are a guest in the city (for tourism or work purposes) and need a car;
  • Your car is under repair;
  • You sold an old car, but you have not bought a new one yet.

The list of reasons for renting a car in Rivne can be continued, but the choice of a car rental company is obvious — “CarRentals”.

  • We have a wide range: from budget to premium and SUVs;
  • All our cars are in excellent technical condition (undergo regular scheduled inspections).
  • Cars are insured for the main risks (CASCO, Auto Citizen).
  • Within the city of Rivne, we deliver cars for FREE.
  • Car rental for hire in Kiev, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi.
  • You get a car with a clean interior and a full tank.
  • A car without a driver can be taken for the required period: for a day, several days, monthly with a deposit.
  • We have affordable prices and reasonable prices (all information is on our website).
  • You pay only for the time you use the car (prepayment is made for the entire rental period, but if you return the car earlier, we will recalculate it according to the actual time of use).

You no longer have to look for ads like “Rent a car in Rivne” when the vehicle is needed urgently. It is enough to contact the CarRentals company and the car will be delivered to you where necessary.

To use the CarRentals car rental service in Rivne you will need:

  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (or a citizen of another country for foreigners);
  • Identification code;
  • Driving license with the right to drive a vehicle of the corresponding category.
  • The client must be at least 23 years old and have a driving experience of at least 2 years.

In our fleet you will find a car for any budget and any purpose, and a quick registration procedure will not take much of your time.
We strive to maximize the service — we will be grateful for your feedback and suggestions!