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SUV Class

Traveling outside the city, traveling, moving, meeting guests with bulk luggage at the station or at the airport is a task for an SUV. These cars are designed to operate in difficult road conditions, very roomy, and modern models provide comfort and safety of passengers in any situation.
The most relevant SUV rental if you are planning a cross-country trip, hiking or test drive with a view to further purchase.

Advantages of an SUV for rent in Rivne

The SUV differs from other cars in large dimensions and a reinforced body, which ensures better pass ability of difficult sections of the road. Among the features of the machine:

  • large clearance or ground clearance — the distance between the lowest point of the central part of the car and the supporting surface;
  • four-wheel drive (plug-in or permanent);
  • wide tires;
  • powerful engine with maximum torque at low speeds;
  • reinforcing frame (not on all models);
  • additional protection for the engine compartment.

Renting such a car for traveling on a country road and off-road is the most reasonable decision. However, modern SUV feel great in the city. The new models are equipped with fairly economical engines, and the machines themselves are very maneuverable. Therefore, the rental of SUV to solve problems within the city, for example, moving, transportation of oversized cargo or business trips, is also well suited.

Features of car rental in CarRentals: SUV

To feel all the charms of this powerful car, you will need a minimum of documents:

  • passport and driver’s license with the right to drive a car of the corresponding category (for citizens of Ukraine);
  • national passport and international law (for foreigners).

We rent SUV for drivers over 23 years old and have been driving for 2 years.
Our cars are always in perfect technical condition (regularly inspected), clean (both body and interior), with a full tank of fuel. Further, refueling is recommended only at official gas stations.
You can receive and return the car at rental points or with delivery to the required address — within the city of Rivne, this service is provided for free.
You can find more detailed information on car rental in the “Rental Conditions” section on this site.