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Cars with the appearance of a body “sedan” — one of the most common on Ukrainian roads and in the world. The main difference between these machines and all others is the trunk structurally separated from the passenger compartment. Not surprisingly, sedan rental is the most popular on the rental market.

Why do many choose a sedan rental?

Cars with this type of body have many advantages:

  • Profitability (5-7 liters of fuel per 100 km);
  • 5-seater comfortable lounge;
  • Roomy luggage compartment;
  • Affordable price for car rental in Rivne.

Modern sedans are thought out and equipped with the latest technology, this car provides a comfortable ride in the city and over long distances.

When is the best time to choose a sedan?

Each type of car body is designed for specific conditions of use and the needs of the driver. As for sedans, renting a car of this type is worth taking:

  • For business trips and daily city driving;
  • To accompany weddings, birthday parties and other events;
  • For the organization of passenger transportation at corporate meetings, forums;
  • For a test drive, if you plan to buy a car with the same type of body.
  • If your car is under repair or you have already sold the old one, but have not bought a new one yet, and the car is urgently needed.

To feel like a happy owner of a modern sedan — contact us at CarRentals: we have the best conditions for car rental in Rivne. To obtain a lease, you will need a minimum number of documents: passport, identification code and driver’s license of the corresponding category.