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Middle Class

It is difficult to imagine the modern active rhythm of life without a car, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase one. Therefore, middle class car rental is one of the most popular services in many cities of Ukraine, including Rivne.

You may need a rented car for various reasons:

  • you need to move around the city promptly, but you don’t have your own car;
  • your car is being repaired or you sold it, but you haven’t bought a new one yet
  • you have arrived for work or leisure in another city and do not want to depend on public transport;
  • you have a gala or corporate event planned;
  • you want to go on a trip;
  • are planning to buy a car and want to try it out in action;

There may be many options, but CarRentals will provide you with the best mid-range cars for rent at a reasonable price.

Benefits of renting a middle class car

The middle class includes cars for active city life and long distance travel. They differ:

  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Maneuverability due to small dimensions;
  • Versatility (convenient both in the city and outside it);
  • Increased level of comfort.

The technical equipment of such machines is at a very decent level: they are reliable, easy to operate, and safe. Their length does not exceed 4.7 meters, which is very convenient for a city with a limited number of parking spaces and heavy traffic. The middle class is characterized by a spacious interior and climatic equipment. The body type is most often a sedan or station wagon, there is also a hatchback. The large trunk holds suitcases and all the necessary things.

Middle class: car rental from CarRentals

Our company offers budget cars for rent at an affordable price and favorable conditions:

  • The price depends on the type of the selected car, there are discounts for long-term rental (minimum – 24 hours);
  • For rent, you need a minimum of documents (passport, driver’s license with the right to drive the corresponding category);
  • The car rental service can be used by a driver with more than 2 years of experience and over 23 years of age;
  • You can take a car at the rental points during working hours, there is also a delivery service to the required address (in Rivne – free of charge).

All our vehicles are insured and undergo regular technical inspection. You get a clean, fueled car, ready to drive.