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Rental Car List

Car rental in Rivne is a demanded service both among city residents and among guests. Therefore, our company provides a decent service at a reasonable cost.

Carrentals’ fleet consists of reliable and comfortable vehicles for every taste and need. You can quickly arrange your rental and enjoy your trip or deal with your business matters.

You can rent car brands from us:

  • Toyota;
  • Hyundai;
  • Honda;
  • Volkswagen.

We provide vehicles that are immediately ready for use: filled and clean.
For a more convenient search on the site, cars are divided by brands, classes, body type. We have the following cars available for rent:

  • SUVs for trips outside the city and transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Crossovers for travel and comfortable city driving;
  • Sedan for business trips, important events, daily use;
  • A hatchback for comfort on city streets.

Any of the cars can be rented for the required period – from 1 day or more. This requires a minimum of documents and time.

Compact and maneuverable economy-class cars are suitable for every day in conditions of busy city traffic. The middle class is great on travel. And if you need to impress your business partners, we have a business class car rental.

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